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Jacob Insurance Service
Get to Know Me!

Name: Geneva Yarnelle


Job Role/title at JIS? My job role at Jacob Insurance Service is a licensed property & casualty insurance agent.


When did you start working for JIS? I started working for Jacob Insurance Service in July of 2023.


Education? Fremont High School graduate 

What do you enjoy most about your career? The ability to help our community.


How do you like to spend your free time outside of the office? Hobbies? When I became a grandma, I enjoy spending as much time possible with my grandson! I also enjoy traveling, spending time on the lake, hiking and spending time with family.

What is your favorite food and/or favorite place to eat? Eating is my favorite hobby. I love trying new things and new places.  

Have you ever been outside of the country? Where is the furthest you have traveled? I had the amazing opportunity in 2002 to take a mission trip to Haiti. I look forward to future opportunities to serve.

What would your dream vacation be? If I can walk on the beach and watch the sunset then I am a happy girl. I dream of the opportunity to visit the Dominican Republic on a mission trip and sneak away for a bit to also enjoy its beauty.


What athletic team and/or sport do you enjoy watching most? I LOVE sports.  I have been blessed with very athletic children so watching them play sports has been 1 of my favorite past times but watching some college football always brings a smile to my face as well!

How do you remain current/relevant within your profession? The world is constantly changing therefore so is the insurance industry.  I love this profession for that exact reason, there is always something new to offer or a way to make sure the things that people have worked so hard for are properly protected.

Where did you receive your first paycheck? What was your role? My first paycheck came from having a paper route.  I finished the school day and quickly headed home to fold some newspapers and hop on my bike to deliver in Fremont.

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Geneva Yarnelle, Agent

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