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Commercial Auto Liability: Commercial auto liability will protect the business owner from auto accidents caused by the owner(s) and employees. This type of liability will cover bodily injury and property damage caused by the driver of the insured vehicle.

Commercial Auto Medical Payments: Medical expense, also known as medpay, is a coverage that will be used first before "tapping" into the liability. This coverage is meant for the other party that was injured due to an at-fault accident.

Comprehensive Insurance: Covers the physical damage to your commercial auto due to a loss that was not the insured's fault. (ex. hitting a deer, hail damage, vandalism, etc.)

Collision Insurance: Covers the physical damage to your commercial auto due to a loss that was the insured's fault. (ex. backing into a pole, rear ending another vehicles, etc.)

Towing & Roadside Assistance: This coverage will reimburse the insured for a towing bill if an insured vehicle broke down or was in an accident.

Rental Reimbursement: Covers the reimbursement of a rental vehicle due to loss of use of an insured commercial auto. This coverage is meant to be used for a way to keep operations going while a damaged insured vehicle is being repaired. 

Long Haul Trucking Insurance: Long haul trucking is covered under a commercial auto policy. Trucking insurance can become complex due to different types of laws and regulations. Please contact a Jacob Insurance Service agent for more details.

Local Trucking Insurance: Local trucking can vary from company to company. Typically, local trucking is considered a risk that stays within a 300 mile radius. Please contact a Jacob Insurance Service agent for more details about local trucking risks.

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