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Motorcycle Liability: This type of liability will cover bodily injury and property damage caused by the insured motorist to another person.

Motorcycle Medical Expense: Motorcycle medical expense may be different than auto medpay. In some cases, motorcycle medpay can be used towards the insured's medical expenses after an accident. Some companies will not offer this to their insured. Contact a Jacob Insurance Service agent for more details.

Passenger Medical Expense: This is also another coverage that some companies may not offer. Passenger medical expense may be used to help pay the injuries incurred by the passenger of an insured motorist.

Comprehensive Insurance: Comprehensive coverage will cover the physical damage of an insured motorcycle when the accident was not the insured's fault. (Ex. hitting a deer, vandalism, stolen motorcycle, etc.)

Collision Insurance: Collision covers the physical damage of an insured motorcycle after an accident that was caused by the insured motorist. (Ex. rear ending another vehicle, tipping the motorcycle over, etc.)

After-Market Accessories: After-market parts are common on motorcycles. Therefore, some insurance companies may cover those parts at no cost or by paying a deductible. Please contact a Jacob Insurance Service agent for more details.

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For More Details on Motorcycle Insurance Coverage, Please contact a Jacob Insurance Service Agent at​ 260.665.3194

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