Jacob Insurance Service

Get to Know Your Agent!

Name: Geri Garrard


Job Role/title at JIS? My job role at Jacob Insurance Service is a licensed property & casualty insurance agent along with customer service.


When did you start working for JIS? I started working for Jacob Insurance Service in November of 2005.


Education? I received my bachelor’s degree in elementary education from St. Mary of the Woods College located outside of Terre Haute, Indiana.  


What do you enjoy most about your career? I enjoy meeting and getting to know the clients here within our community.  I have made many great friends over the years.


How do you like to spend your free time outside of the office? Hobbies? I enjoy spending my free time reading. I am part of a local book club within our community. During the summer months, I like to spend time working in my garden and searching for new vacation destinations around the Great Lakes area.


What would your dream vacation be? My dream vacation would be to visit Germany. I would like to reconnect with an exchange student that lived with me. We still correspond and I would really like to discover the woman that she has become.


Where did you receive your first paycheck? What was your role? I received my first paycheck from the South Bend Public Library. My role at the library was shelving books and helping with the inter-library loan

Geri Garrard